Family Constellation

We are all creatures of habit. Our emotional system needs a habit to feel safe. Yet some habit or some repetitive behaviors may be preventing us from getting what we long for. In other words, a pattern of behavior may be standing in the way of achieving our desires. This is where Family Constellations can help.

The purpose of Family Constellations is to discover the truth and answers to our repetitive behaviors. An issue or something unresolved is hiding behind these behaviors. In Family Constellations, we move things from the hidden part of the mind to the open, through language. Think of it as an exploration into your roots, where you come from, and who you are.

Each family has a heritage that passes down from generation to generation. We share the same last name and sometimes even the first name as our family members or ancestors. We also share the same culture and the same stories. An invisible thread binds us to our family members. This invisible thread is our internal family memory that lives in our bodies through the feelings we felt as children. Sometimes we get entangled in the stories of other family members. If we stay in these underlying entanglements, they will move into the next generation. Family Constellations is a way to break this chain of blind. They help us see what is ours and what is not, what needs to be carried, and what needs to be left, so we can be empowered to lead our best lives. 

This work was started by a German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. Family constellations therapy evolved out of his work as a family therapist and his belief in the energy, both positive and negative, found in family bonds.

Family Constellation Workshops are done online or in-person, individually or in a group, depending on preference.

Some of the areas you can work on are: Relationships, Money, Health, Emotions, Success, Growth, and more.

What people say about a constellation session

I was indeed fortunate to attend two family constellations with Sabinder. one a group one, and one on one. She is amazing at guiding and helping you on your path.

The feelings and emotions that surface seem unreal – and yet over the next few months unconsciously things change and are set on the right path. A huge blessing.
Deep gratitude to you for all your help. love.

Billy Sidhu

Thank you so much Sabinder,🙏🏻😊✨
It’s been quite fulfilling experience. My heart is filled with joy and sense of ease. 💖

Vinay Gosavi