Family Constellation Workshops

The Why of it!

Family dynamics from past generations can manifest in our lives as illness, stuckness, relationship problems, financial lack, depression and more. Family Constellation work explores the patterns that exist in your life – patterns that may be coming in the way of what you wish for. 

In a constellation session you see the root cause of your pain and stuckness and understand what is actually your underlying unconscious belief.

When we want to feel in control of a situation we somehow do not see beyond our existing perception. With Constellations we tap into the unconscious mind to see the truth that lies hidden behind our rationalisation. 

Constellations are not about right or wrong, black or white. There just is reality and feelings that are acted upon. For a brief moment you feel those feelings and a true understanding dawns. Constellations allow us to be kinder to ourselves and our family members.

If you want to shift what is holding you back in a particular area of your life then a family constellation session is right for you

The connection with our ancestors is an important component of the family constellation process. What comes to light is how each one of us is bonded in relationship with other members of our immediate family system as well as our own larger family system. The larger family includes our    grandparents, aunts, uncles and more. 

Through a piece of family constellation work we explore the hidden and the unseen dynamics that exist between the members of a family and the impact these dynamics are still having on our current lives. 

Difficulties that you face currently may be a result of a spillover carried across generation/s even though you may never have known the older generation of family members. We see these as systemic entanglements that bind us to the past. Constellations help us separate ourselves from these entanglements and let go of the hidden loyalties that bind us to the past. 

We start to understand and really feel the connection so that separation becomes a guilt free and happy process. This makes us free to live our lives our way without carrying the fate of others who came before us. In constellation work we do this with complete reverence and respect to our ancestors.

What happens in a Family Constellation workshop?

There is no physical requirement of family members in a constellation. Work is carried out with the help of representatives or figures. 

Family constellation sessions can be done as a full day workshop or as a private session. Both group and individual sessions are equally powerful. 

Full day Workshop

The full day workshop is a group session where we work with 6-7 people over a period of a full day. In a group constellation, you meet with a group of people where each person would be doing a piece of constellation work. Chances of one person knowing another are very slight. Hence every person is working mostly with new faces. Group dynamics take on the family dynamics of the person getting the constellation done.  

The person seeking resolution for an issue, discusses the same with the facilitator.  The other members of the group are not aware of what issue is being worked upon. They only know which person or which emotion they represent. The representatives speak very little but there is a sense of knowing within each representative. This knowing is the force behind the constellation.

As the constellation progresses the facilitator constantly checks with the representative on what is the feeling that comes up for them during the constellation. Through the feelings certain emotions and relationship dynamics come to light and we are guided to a resolution of the issue being worked upon.

In the group family constellation you can participate in three ways:

  • As an observer
  • An issue holder
  • A representative for other constellations

In all three areas there is enough receiving and enough insights to take back with you. 

Private Individual Sessions

Private sessions are individual one to one sessions conducted online or face to face. A session normally stretches to an hour. Depending on the issue being worked upon, resolution can be found in one session or in multiple sessions. 

In a private session family dynamics come into play using different objects. Still figures are used to set up a constellation and work is done accordingly.