Family Constellation Therapy

If you have been asking for change in your life and it is just not happening or change happens but only temporarily, then you may be carrying more than your own burdens. 

Family Constellations help you to understand, feel, and finally let go of what is not yours to carry. You see new possibilities that you may not have been aware of before doing a Family Constellation session. 

Ask yourself the questions:

  • Am I ready to thrive?
  • Am I ready to see my relationship with success, money and prosperity?
  • Find my power?

If yes then you are ready to start the first step.

A constellation session is an opportunity to heal within and bring the desired change in your life.

How do I know Family Constellations work?

When I started I had all the right arsenal – the certificates, the training, the enthusiasm and my talent. Yet clients did not line up and if they did, it was not exactly what I hoped for. Over many constellations I realised that I was neither seeing nor valuing myself. My internal system was not in alignment with what I was externally asking for. Somehow I always fell short of the success that I knew I wanted. 

As I worked on my family line, my relationship with my ancestors and my larger family system, I started  to see the blocks between success and I. The more constellations I did, the more I changed my relationship with money, abundance, flow, illness, and success. 

With every change I started integrating parts of myself that I had excluded or rejected. The more I included the more I became whole, the more I flourished. I understood that I was enough. 

I still continue to explore and understand the stories and entanglements rooted in my family system and continue to see shifts in my life on all the aspects I work on – through constellations. 

So if you feel you are ready to unblock, integrate and become whole once again then start your journey with family constellation work. 

I know it works because I have been there.