I am a Family constellation Facilitator and a Reiki healer. I work with you and your family line to help resolve an existing issue in your life. This is done through family constellation work, also called as Systemic Family Constellation therapy. 

To me family constellation work is about:

  • Being heard
  • Being seen
  • Being loved
  • Being held
  • Feeling safe
  • Finding your power 

Prior to facilitating family constellations, I worked as an online marketing entrepreneur, where I helped clients increase their online business and ROI. I changed course after my first Reiki session and went on to to learn and practice reiki. I worked with a number of clients providing healing, change and internal shifts through Reiki. 

Over time I trained as a heal your life teacher, which is an off shoot of the Louise Hay philosophy of training and teaching. I am in complete agreement with the writings of healers like Lise Bourbeau and Louise Hay and believe that our body is constantly speaking to us. I agree that pain and discomfort is one of the ways that the body draws our attention so we can go deeper in understanding what is really going on inside of ourselves. 

I did my first constellation in 2018 and was absolutely amazed at what unfolded for me after the constellation. As I started to see significant shifts in my life, I felt the need to know more about family constellation work as a form of therapy. 

I trained as a family constellation therapist with Spanda under Annie Cariappa and Colette Green who have both directly trained with Bert Hellinger. The constellation work done at holding connections follows the Hellinger lineage. 

I facilitate family constellation workshops with the belief that change is possible, that the universe is constantly working at moving us to a better place. We just need to believe and take the first step towards our desires.