The tree shed all its leaves – the really big dry ones and the smaller frail ones. There it was standing tall – free of dead matter – naked branches displayed majestically. It looked interestingly out of place in the whole landscape stretching before me. I assumed it would stay that way for some time. But overnight little leaves sprouted. Tiny green leaves that could barely be seen. How quickly it all happened? 

I had been observing the tree for some time and it most have easily taken a month for the leaves to shed. The last stubborn ones clung on till a sandstorm came along, and then those too fell to the ground. I just assumed the new ones would take equally long to show up. Yet there they were, sprouting in their new found greenery. 

This was a big lesson for me in shedding old ideas, beliefs and habits. So many of us continue to carry extinct ideas out of sheer habit. The same ideas that served us well at an earlier time may be redundant now because we have changed, matured, evolved. Then should not our beliefs follow the same cycle?  I look at the short flares of anger that spring up from me. When I was young, and not sure of myself, I needed the anger. It was my defence, my protection of my beliefs. Do I still need to hold on to it at this present time when I stand firm with my intuition as my guiding force in life? 

What if I continue to hold on to such old beliefs and patterns? Then where do I provide the room for new fresh green ideas to sprout. My branches hold dead leaves which cause decay of body and mind. Isn’t it better to shed the old. Stand tall and strong in bareness and then let the new beliefs take life with a suddenness of its own. 

We are moving into the heat of summer. It is time to move from the state of doing too being. It is time for rest. In the being state it is time to move within. To introspect and see what is working, what is not working, what continues to serve and what needs to be shed so that the space can be created for change and newness.

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