Where do we perform at our optimum level? What is the difference between delivering great work and delivering passable work. Where dos this energy of delivery come from? Moon cycles? Inner connection? Active solar plexus? Physical activity? 

I have been juggling with space for a long time – creating physical spaces – indoor and outdoor, constantly trying to reach some place where my mind can feel expansive – something like touching the ocean wave on the shore and knowing that there is a vastness beyond the tip of the wave and I am free to dive as deep or as shallow as I want. This constant juggling between feeling constricted and feeling expansive leaves me wondering – where do these restrictive moments come from?

Is it the mind? If yes then what is behind this tightness the mind feels? Sometimes I feel that the mind calms down with the rhythm of a routine. The unexpected may jolt it out of this rhythmic motion and send the mind in a spin, causing the spin to extend outwards manifesting physically as feeling of closed in, put upon, overwhelm….

These are the moments to watch for. I find that one simple ritual can bring me back to a receptive state of being yin. I was pleasantly surprised to observe that for me a simple connection with walking in nature by myself without a single thought of planning in my head, put me in a state where I felt expansive. This expansiveness had something to do with “feeling” charged.

For me this “felt sense” goes beyond the other five senses. What I feel is what I experience. 

I love these words by Peter Levine on what he calls as the “felt sense” : “You can imagine going through a day without emotion, but to live in the absence of the felt sense is not just unthinkable – it is impossible. To live without the felt sense violates the most basic experience of being alive. Through the felt sense we are able to move, to acquire new information, to interrelate with one another, and ultimately to know who we are. It is so integral to our experience of being human that we take it for granted, sometimes to the point of not even realizing that it exists until we deliberately attend to it. “

I am comfortable only if I feel comfortable. My experience of comfort comes from my felt sense of comfort and not from the chair, or the sofa that I am sitting on.  We continue to do the things we do because there is a feeling that we experience from our activities. Sitting on a chair gives a feeling of comfort or discomfort.

To put it simply when I  feel right, I feel in balance.

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