The Sound of Silence


There is a certain certainty when you feel like you are a part of the process of life. When nothing seems too much or too little. The porridge is neither hot nor cold. It is just right. 

I find this happens most to me when I am in nature as a participant and not the observer. When I am walking on the sandy beach with the waves rolling at my feet or lying down in the grass with the butterflies flitting around. I feel this connection when I am with nature. In fact, we all feel this when we spend some time in nature. The distinction between you and nature starts to become blurred. Stay long enough with nature and you start to feel like a part of the landscape – You are no longer the observer but a part of the whole. Boundaries start to dissolve and you become one with the grass, the tree, and something starts to flow within you. A desire to create something gets born within. 

Somewhere when the surroundings and the self become one, the boundaries of selfhood fade away, leaving behind a connection to a bigger power. Yielding to power, not of our own – is creativity and this creativity starts to flow from us, in this state of oneness with all. 

This oneness does not need a special technique or tools. For me, my morning cup of tea where I sip the tea quietly and watch the sparrows on the hibiscus tree is enough to feel the connection with the larger picture. Many of my intentions emerge at this time, so much so that my chai spot has a small notepad and pen placed permanently there.

This oneness with the natural world is the feeling we all get when we feel a part of the flow. I can’t help but go back to these beautiful words I read in one of the Wayne Dyer books: “We discover the meaning of life by being able to return to the oneness and nothingness while still in material form, without having to leave our body in the ritual of death. The closer we get to experiencing our original nature, the more peace and purpose flows through us.”

In fact, the Tao also lays a lot of emphasis on this oneness. Lao Tzu calls it as Wu Wei – “action through inaction” – when in doing nothing, almost everything gets done. 

Imagine a state of connection where the struggle to get things done ceases because we accept all that comes our way. In the acceptance, we have agreed to things the way they are and we have placed our faith in a higher power to take us to the place we long to be. The current reality is just the passage to the goal and our inaction in stopping the struggle, creates the action of wishes fulfilled. 

I know this becomes easy and possible when we allow ourselves to be still enough to listen to the sound of silence. In other words, as Dr. Wayne Dyer writes  we just “let go, and let God.”


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