Fairy Dust

What makes some moments magical and some ordinary?  The awe that comes, when you look back at a moment and say that was not me. When something felt so right that it just had to be done. The feeling we get when something is carrying us along, something powerful and generous.

I see this a lot when I see artists at work. There is that something that wants you to express yourself through your unique creation. In other words, it feels like you are being guided by something magical. I sometimes connect with this when I am immersed in the joy of baking, sometimes it is the garden and many many times when I am doing constellation work. The right words seem to come out, the right movements seem to happen and I feel like I am a part of a greater force.

I call this momentary feeling a sprinkle of fairy dust on me. This is the moment of a different form of creation, of being a part of something magical, of being free to work as the universe takes charge and guides me to a better place for everyone involved – the creator, the creation, and the seeker.

I find that creation has a lightness to it. Taking oneself too seriously can hinder free flow of creation. Creation is a form of play and play requires us to lose seriousness. I see creative play at work whenever my son pulls out his box of legos and makes interesting pieces of art. Magic happens when we leave structure behind and move with what comes to us at that moment. This to me is the joy of creation. No wonder creation only happens when we have the space for it.

For me, creation is the product of the human and the magical. When something feels right just the way it is, the act of creation is complete. Creation does not ask for perfectness. You know it is done when it feels done. You have been guided to create it under the influence of fairy dust. When the dust settles down and I look critically at what I have done – I lose the magic, and that is what transforms the creation from magical to ordinary.


  1. I fell down the rabbit hole and came upon your blog. Really enjoyed it. I work most of the time as a storyteller, telling live, mostly old stories. Sometimes during telling a story you can feel this feeling of magic and experience it together. Those are the best moments. Thank you for making me remember that.

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