Walking with Inspiration

Inspiration strikes many of us. It allows us to dream our dreams. Yet, how many of us really seize inspiration when it comes knocking at our door? Ideas are all around, waiting for us to pay a little attention to them, to give them form, to bring them to the world. They are the little epiphanies that we receive from the universe, asking us to pay heed to them. However, when I am consumed with my own dramas, distractions, and responsibilities, I am not open to receiving inspiration through these ideas swirling around me, trying to grab my attention.

Though, sometimes there comes a time when I am open and relaxed enough to actually receive something. In this yin state, I start noticing coincidences, and all sorts of signs will point me to an idea waiting to be born, waiting to partner with me. I notice the coincidence of these ideas with the phases of the moon. The new moon seems to be the time when many insights seem to bring out ideas of their own. 

If I can stay long enough with an idea without allowing negative thoughts to emerge, I know something great can come out of it. On the other hand, I also realize that this is the moment when our shadows emerge. The fear of the past comes up to pull us down. Can I make friends with my fears? Can I learn to travel comfortably with my fear? I have seen that if I am unwilling to make fear my companion, then I lose out on living life. I never get around to doing anything interesting or different because I am really busy expending my energy in squashing fear down.

Can fear and creativity walk the road with me? Not if I want to explore the depths of what I can create. Fear will always make me stop, always make me doubt. Then do I give fear permission to remain and play a small part in my creation? Yes, I can give a small space to it, by acknowledging fear, but, not allowing it to be in the driver’s seat. I like many others am at my best when instead of fear driving me, inspiration guides me.

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