I totally relate to wonder woman as do most superwomen of today. I like the idea of being a superwoman. The word has a certain charge to it. I feel immense power by looking at my capacity and capability to handle many things.

The heroine in me totally identifies with wonder woman who for me is the epitome of power and balance. In moments of identifying with this aspect of me, I sometimes bite far more than I chew – a case that is inherent in many of us. Somewhere my heroine archetype surfaces when I am being driven by my need to overcome challenges, sometimes to the point of foolishness. My identification with the characteristics of the heroine archetype brings out its own stories for me – stories that compel me to do the heroic deeds that I try to do.

Caroline Myss in her book “sacred contracts” says that archetypes – “have a story to tell you; they bring with it the power of the world myths and legends. The substance of myths and ancient tales is constantly manifesting in the power plays, personality clashes, and competitive psychic forces present within the home and office space”  – thus creating patterns of belief and behavior out of which it was created.

Understanding my own inner limits has become an important part of the inner journey of self-discovery. It has reduced my need to rise up to save my world. What really are my limits.? Which is the point I need to understand that this is enough? Beyond this limit lies stress. Beyond this point, the deed loses its charm and no longer remains heroic.

Being superwoman constantly is not easy. The constant effort to balance things out means accounting for every hour on a daily basis. What happens if there is a shift in a given point of time and things don’t go as per schedule? In handling it all somewhere do we stop nurturing ourselves? For me, if something has to go, the first to go is always some bit of self-care routine. When I am pressed for time, I create additional time by slightly reducing a bit from my Yoga practice. And that’s how it starts for many women – a bit here and a bit there, till it becomes second nature and a new breed of superwomen gets born. 

Balance is about shifting between the yin and yang. There is a period of activity and a period of rest. There are days where my energy is yang and those are the days to connect with the superwoman in me – when I know that I am on fire and tasks get accomplished effortlessly. I know then I have harnessed my archetypal energy to max out my potential. Balance is lost when I want to continue on this energy spurt. The waves ebb and flow, the moon waxes and wanes. Not taking downtime is to not understand that the cycle for superwomanship is over for now. It will resurface again. Till then another aspect needs attention. Another story needs to be woven…

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