The Price of Freedom

Freedom holds a different meaning for each one of us. For some of us, it is independence from different needs, for some, it is to be self-sufficient, for some it is the ability to take action as per their longing, and for some, it is getting away from restrictions. Freedom gives the space for our energy to flow in a different direction. Where does your energy flow? – Is it flowing in making decisions or taking action or even in maintaining the status quo? For me, freedom is the availability of this energy for myself and my desires. 

Many times we are tied by our own limitations but the longing to have the space to do more, to do something else remains buried deep within us, so much that we forget about it and the longing seems to not exist anymore. But the subconscious mind knows, and when the time is right, it moves us towards our forgotten yearning. 

However, we pay a price for this freedom to move to the call of our heart. We give up something – maybe a  need to control, maybe letting go of a lifelong belief or habit, or maybe even the absence of a loved one. 

My 15 old Irish setter passed away recently leaving a huge gap in my life. I believed the gap to be one of emptiness and sadness, but over a period of a week, I realized that the sadness is there but the gap was more about not knowing what to do? She was old and for the last year a large part of my day had been about just being there for her – the cuddles, the rubs, and massages,  helping her up and down the stairs and just being with her. When she left, I realized the gap was a form of freedom from a space of automatically doing. I wonder if this is the price that I paid for freedom of space?  

What happens to the loss that gives birth to freedom. In family constellations I have learned that the best way to see something is to give it, it’s rightful place. I know if I have lost a belief or my need to control or even my precious one, I give it, it’s the rightful place in the past, where it belongs – when there was a need for it. 

How do we honor what has gone? We live. What else can we do while we are living except live? Life goes on and in living life, we leave with respect what has been, the price has been paid and it is in this freedom that we make the transition before we set off again. In the words of Bert Hellinger “ As you walk, you will be illuminated from behind by what was there, an illumination that radiates light on all that you undertake.”

So what is the price you paid for freedom??

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