The Way of Pooh Bear

“To attain knowledge add things every day, to attain wisdom, remove things everyday.


Pooh bear is my favorite character. I find him totally endearing with his blundering, clumsy ways. What really pulls me is the ability of this character to live in the Now. Each time I see or read one of his stories, I marvel at this ability to live in the present. I find I am always moving to the future. With a never ending list of to-dos and schedules, it is much easier living in the future where all tasks are done. The present seems so unnerving with “undone things”. 

As we lead our busy lives multitasking and juggling home and work, I understand it is important to keep it simple. I can’t help but go back to the natural order of things and how to operate with minimal effort. The natural world follows this principle and things get done by themselves without effort. Monsoons bring overgrowth and we let nature take its course for we know the rain will be followed by a dry spell where all the unwanted will dry out and be shed. When the rains are at the heaviest, none of us ever attempts to clear the dense growth. We know that it will be taken care of at the right time. Yet when something around us repeatedly does not happen, we struggle more and more to make sure it happens.

I am beginning to understand that when I try too hard and nothing really gets done, I know I have gone against the grain. I stop for now. When I pause, I get a chance to observe what is happening around me. If I can muster up the courage to surrender to what is, things start to happen. Not the way I planned or wanted but things happen in the right way at the right time.

I call this surrender as listening to my inner voice. When I am centered with myself, I choose the voice. Sometimes the outside voices are stronger and more reasonable and the voice may be hard to hear, so I still myself and try and get in touch with my body, to understand what I feel and then I start to hear the voice louder and then I know what I truly want, not what others want for me.

When the wise ones say words like “return to the beginning” it is the beginning of being a child again. The wise are children who know. Their minds are emptied of countless minute learnings. The wise know the way is to listen to the voice within them, the voice that goes beyond should, should not, right, wrong, cleverness and knowledge

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