The Sound of Silence

There is a certain certainty when you feel like you are a part of the process of life. When nothing seems too much or too little. The porridge is neither hot nor cold. It is just right.  I find this happens most to me when I am in nature as a participant and not the […]

I here, You there

I here. You there – this is one of the most profound statements I learned while doing constellation work. For me this sentence is not about separation but more about my willingness to remain within my limits and at the same time to understand when someone else has made a small step in the boundary […]

Bonds of Loyalty

No matter how far we go, we always remain connected in visible and invisible ways with our family. Many of our decisions are based on these bonds that are formed in childhood as we were growing up. Each family has its own ways of functioning and as children, we remain loyal to the way our […]