The tree shed all its leaves – the really big dry ones and the smaller frail ones. There it was standing tall – free of dead matter – naked branches displayed majestically. It looked interestingly out of place in the whole landscape stretching before me. I assumed it would stay that way for some time. […]


Where do we perform at our optimum level? What is the difference between delivering great work and delivering passable work. Where dos this energy of delivery come from? Moon cycles? Inner connection? Active solar plexus? Physical activity?  I have been juggling with space for a long time – creating physical spaces – indoor and outdoor, […]

My quest for perfection

Perfect is such a perfect word and brings to mind lovely images of completion. Yet the real world is not like that. Things don’t wrap up as our minds want them to. Yet, so many of us strive for perfection. I chased it for a long time and finally gave up by telling myself that […]